Active Broadband

Metering, Mediation, Policy, and Business Intelligence for Network Data Services

Incognito Active Broadband is a service management platform that allows network service providers to accurately collect and meter subscriber usage, use policies to manage service delivery and QoE, and analyze usage trends. Active Broadband provides broadband service providers with the insights and controls needed to deliver usage based billing and policy controlled data services.

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Network & Systems

The core mission of operational teams is to efficiently utilize the network and systems for subscriber services. This is essential for your business to evolve operational capabilities to meet changing market demands.

Active Broadband allows you to define service models based on bandwidth usage and network policies. Enable your operations teams with the capabilities they need to analyze and control data service delivery.

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Product & Marketing

Network service providers recognize that unlimited data plans no longer address market needs. Service innovation is required to meet business objectives.

Active Broadband gives you the capabilities to identify market opportunities, develop usage based services, and actively engage customers. You can create a tiered service portfolio that creates profitable competitive advantage.

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Profitability of network services are being squeezed between cord cutters who are reducing ARPU and online video viewers who are increasing network costs. You need to align cost and revenues to meet financial and strategic goals.

Active Broadband can enable innovation in your organization to gain better subscriber insights, create a differentiated service portfolio, and improve subscriber engagement.

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