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Active Broadband

Next-generation network data services will be as flexible and on-demand as the people who use them. Usage billing, enforced fair use, prepaid data, and on-demand services will all require new system capabilities within the service provider network.

Active Broadband provides the capabilities that you need to measure, manage, and monetize broadband usage. Our service management platform accurately collects network data, mediates subscriber usage records into BSS and OSS systems, and manages service delivery with policy controls.

Active Broadband Capabilities

Usage Collection


Whether you are implementing usage based billing or simply hoping to understand your subscriber usage better, accuracy and flexibility of collection is a critical requirement of usage collection.

Active Broadband allows you to capture usage data streams from your network using a variety of record formats and protocols, and performs the error handling resulting in accurate usage data  for your systems.

  1. Error Handling – statistical algorithms are applied to the incoming data in order to detect and correct errors resulting from corruption or incorrect network reporting
  2. Collection Protocols & Record Types – support for industry standard usage data formats and protocols including IPDR, XML, SNMP, NetFlow, and others
  3. Scalability – high availability and redundancy enables scalable and mission-critical performance

Service Tiering


Once you have started collecting subscriber usage data, the next step is to develop service tiers based on bandwidth quotas and fair use policies.

Active Broadband provides the analytical and service development capabilities you need to create tiered data services.

  1. Analytics – service tier planning can be performed with an integrated suite of reporting and analytical tools
  2. Service Development – GUI-based service development for usage tiered services
  3. Customer Engagement – configurable subscriber portals and threshold notifications

System Mediation


Integration of subscriber usage data into billing, data warehouse, and CRM systems is critical to managing the customer relationship and enabling service innovation.

Active Broadband integrates with BSS and OSS systems for accurate usage metering and billing.

  1. Real-time Mediation – integrate usage data into rating systems using open APIs for immediate updates of billing events
  2. ETL Studio – graphical workbench for defining extraction, transformation, and loading process for bulk data integration to data warehouses and other BSS systems

Policy Control


Delivering a consistent quality of experience requires managing individual subscriber bandwidth based on service tier, network conditions, and subscriber status.


  1. Multiple Sliding Windows – policies can be developed based on many different factors including network congestion, service definition, and quota rights
  2. Integrated Solution – combining the PCMM Application Manager and PCMM Policy Server provides cable operators with a single solution for policy management and enforcement
  3. GUI Development – policy actions are defined using a GUI tool to reduce the technical complexity of creating new services

Business Intelligence & Analytics


Understanding subscriber usage patterns requires big data and integrated reporting tools that create actionable insights for service and market planning.


  1. Big Data Storage – granular usage data is organized and stored for network and subscriber level analysis
  2. Integrated Reporting – Business intelligence tools provide an open environment for ad hoc reporting
  3. Analytical Tools – a library of powerful analytical reports are included to support service tiering and service assurance reporting

Subscriber Engagement


Next-generation services need to engage subscribers through portals and notifications that allow them to manage their services.


  1. Portals – a configurable web application framework allows subscriber portals to be easily created
  2. Notifications – subscribers can be alerted to quota thresholds and billing events through SMS or email
  3. Portlets –application modules that can be integrated into your web portals to deliver usage reporting and on-demand service control to your subscribers


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