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How It Works

Next-generation network data services will be as flexible and on-demand as the people who use them. Usage billing, enforced fair use, prepaid data, and on-demand services will all require new system capabilities within the service provider network.

Incognito Network Monetization and Analytics Platform provides the capabilities that you need to measure, manage, and monetize broadband usage. Our service management platform accurately collects network data, mediates subscriber usage records into BSS and OSS systems, and manages service delivery with policy controls.



SUBSCRIBER METER modules collect network data and mediate usage to the subscriber. Specific collection modules are available for different network types.

  • Collect usage and utilization data from IPDR, SNMP, NetFlow, and more
  • Mediate device data to the subscriber to accurately report on service usage


POLICY modules enforce network traffic policies at a network element level to control service delivery, reduce network congestion, and enable new services.

  • Manage congestion from heavy users and at peak periods
  • Enforce network traffic policies using PCMM for DOCSIS networks
  • Enable on-demand services like Turbo Boost and Prepaid Broadband



CAPACITY PLANNING modules optimize network investment decisions by using historical trending, predictive analytics, and what-if analysis to pinpoint constraints in the network based on geography and subscriber mix.

  • Analyze historical trending information based on service type, geography, and network element
  • Perform what-if analysis based on changes to subscriber services and usage patterns


QUOTA MANAGER is used to define subscriber quotas, profile service delivery performance, and take action when service parameters are exceeded. Notification, charging, and network traffic management policies can be applied based on business rules.

  • Define data usage caps and provide quota status notifications
  • Trigger events for network traffic management with Policy


SUBSCRIBER ENGAGEMENT modules connect customers with service reporting and notifications. Reduce time to market for new services with application modules.

  • Create portals quickly using customizable frameworks and reusable application modules
  • Provide subscriber self-service for quota top ups and on-demand service purchase


SYSTEM INTEGRATION with OSS/BSS can be achieved in a variety of ways in order to operationalize monetization and analytics capabilities into existing processes.

  • REST APIs and message bus are available for real-time system integration
  • Extraction, Transformation, Load (ETL) capabilities simplify batch transfers

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