Broadband Service Trends – A Year In Review

2016 has been a dynamic year for network service providers. We’ve compiled a number of articles regarding the current state and future outlook of broadband service innovation. Let us know what you think of 2016 and what you are thinking about for service innovation in 2017.

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Usage Based Billing Best Practices

For those of us who have been involved in usage based billing since the early 2000’s, 2016 feels like “deja vu all over again”. While this is the year Internet service providers globally began to embrace usage tiered services, Canadian service providers pioneered usage based billing over 5 years ago and there are many lessons to be learned from their pioneering efforts. As one of those “lucky” pioneers, I had a ringside seat to the regulatory, technology, and user challenges of introducing this new service model. Usage based billing is not a simple service model to enable within the network or introduce to market but these 4 best practices are critical to achieving commercial success.

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Dawn of Prepaid Cable Internet?

Comcast recently launched prepaid TV and Internet services designed to expand the addressable market for data services. By eliminating credit checks and the monthly subscription commitments, new market segments become available. In the USA alone, prepaid data is estimated to be a $7B market opportunity. Are you thinking about prepaid data? Let us know!

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