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Preserving Network Capacity With Network Policies

As a communication service provider (CSP), you can never have enough network capacity. Subscriber demand for online video, gaming, and communications services is driving an increasing demand for network bandwidth that will continue to grow for the foreseeable future. Not only is the video consumer population growing, new video codecs like 4K HDR will greatly increase the bandwidth required to deliver high quality streams. New applications like 8K video and Virtual Reality will require an order of magnitude more bandwidth than today’s online games and movies.

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Announcing Incognito Network Monetization and Analytics Platform

Today Incognito announces its Network Monetization and Analytics Platform which will amalgamate the best of two existing product lines — Incognito Bandwidth Activity Reporter and Active Broadband, acquired in 2016 — into a single platform that includes network data collection, analytics and policy control. The platform will provide network operators with improved subscriber insights, data-driven capacity planning, congestion management and fair use data plans. All of this will be possible from one single platform, allowing network operators to deploy different solutions as their priorities and environment evolve.

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A Better Way To Manage Heavy Users

The problem with unlimited plans is that network resources are in fact limited. Managing these resources reactively based on Acceptable Use Policies inevitably leads to service providers terminating services for their most active subscribers. Managing service delivery using network policies is a better way of managing network costs. It is also a path to creating a differentiated service portfolio that meets the unique needs of different customer segments.

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Evolving Beyond The Big Dumb Pipe

Broadband Technology Report recently published our Evolving Beyond The Dumb Pipe article spotlighting network service innovation as a sustainable path to competitive differentiation. Check out our latest guide on how network operators can Innovate The Network Service Portfolio.

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Usage Billing Can Reduce Churn With Personalized Offers

As broadband markets mature, churn becomes the critical metric for network monetization. Studies have shown that cost and billing are a key churn driver representing 40% of subscriber attrition (source: Nokia 2016 Global Acquisition & Retention Study). Other studies have shown that ½ of these subscribers feel they are not receiving value for money and hope to find it with another operator.

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What Fixed Broadband Can Learn From Mobility About Fair Unlimited Services

Unlimited mobile data is seeing a resurgence, with all major carriers in the USA offering some form of unlimited services. Looking at these next generation unlimited services reveals innovation lessons that are relevant to fixed broadband providers who are attempting to address exponential growth in bandwidth consumption.

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