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What could you achieve with honest network optimization advice? The Professional Services team can help you reach your business goals with consulting, program management, development, implementation, and training services.

Bandwidth Consumption: Management and Revenue Alignment

For years, service providers have been focused on expanding their pipe to keep up with the growing bandwidth requirements of their subscribers. Showing no signs of decelerating, global IP traffic is expected
 to grow three-fold between 2013 and 2018. Incognito Bandwidth Activity Reporter is a congestion management and policy enforcement solution that utilizes IPDR data to facilitate better network planning, orchestrate speed reduction policies or utilization quotas, and aid in the identification of users that are disposed to upgrades.

Increase Revenue Through Targeted Upsell

Improve customer segmentation to identify candidates for upsell as well as subscribers at risk of churn. Apply subscriber usage information to maximize impacts of upgrade and retention offers.

Take The Guesswork Out Of Network Investment

Make informed network investments with a data-driven approach to capacity planning. Pinpoint exactly where your capital investments make the greatest impact on your business.

Incognito Product Portfolio

Learn more about how Incognito Software Systems can enable your network services business with provisioning, IP management, service management, and orchestration capabilities.

Finding Hidden Information On Your Network

Service providers today face many challenges when trying to create a high quality of experience for subscribers. The combination of increased Internet traffic, an abundance of IP-connected devices, and the popularity of bandwidth-hogging over-the-top video applications make it difficult to efficiently manage bandwidth and deliver exceptional service. Learn how IPDR helps you harvest subscriber usage data that you already own in this slideshare presentation.