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What We Enable

Incognito Network Monetization and Analytics Platform provides usage collection, system mediation, policy control, and business intelligence for network data services. These capabilities allow service delivery to be dynamically controlled based on service provider rules.

Dynamic service delivery enables broadband innovation for network operators by delivering insights into subscriber usage to be actioned with charging and network management policies. This aligns revenues and costs, increasing value to subscribers and improving business performance for network service providers.

Usage Metering

Subscriber usage metering requires the accurate collection and mediation of subscriber usage data. 

  • Accurate usage collection
  • Fast normalization and mediation
  • Highly scalable system architecture

Fair Share

Enforce fair use policies to improve overall quality of experience (QoE) and create service tier differentiation. 

  • Integrated PCMM policy server
  • GUI based rule development
  • Tier and utilization based profiling

Usage Based Billing

Monetize subscriber service bandwidth consumption to align network costs and subscription revenues. 

  • Seamless integration with billing
  • Subscriber notifications and alerts
  • Tiered usage quotas and data caps

Capacity Planning

Pinpoint network investment decisions with historical trending and what-if analysis. Machine learning helps optimize decisions based on geographies and markets.

  • Historical trending
  • Predictive analytics forecasting
  • What-If simulations

Prepaid Broadband

Expand your addressable markets with business model innovation leveraging policy based, on-demand services. Create new markets with prepaid broadband services.

  • Turnkey DOCSIS solution
  • Usage and time based quotas
  • Subscriber portals and notifications

Congestion Management

Identify congestion based on historical utilization and service delivery performance and use policy control to react to congestion events.

  • Pinpoint congested nodes
  • React to congestion at the source
  • Optimize QoE by service tier

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