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Enable Capacity Planning

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Still Planning Capacity With Best Guesses?

It’s never been more important to keep pace with bandwidth demand — or more difficult. Communication service providers are constantly evolving strategies to optimize network resources and keep pace with changing subscriber usage patterns, while those that don’t face inconsistent subscriber quality of experience (QoE) and customer churn.

Without visibility into real network resource utilization, it is nearly impossible to accurately predict future growth, which puts network engineers under pressure to “play it safe” with capacity upgrades. Optimizing your network is essential to remain profitable and grow your business in a competitive market — but how can you keep up with bandwidth demand without overstretching resources?

See how MSOs are turning to network intelligence for capacity planning, customer support, and new service rollouts: The Bandwidth Intelligence Imperative

Make Informed Planning Decisions

Make strategic investments for smarter congestion management based on real insights and predictive analysis. By analyzing historical trends and applying a variety of scenarios, you can understand how subscriber and bandwidth growth will affect the network. When coupled with sales forecasts and QoE requirements, you can plan ahead while eliminating wasteful CAPEX spend.

Customer segmentation and an understanding of capacity usage across different regions allows for smarter investments, enabling you to target high-value customers and invest more heavily in profitable areas. Historical and forecasted network impacts can be easily viewed in geographic maps.


Automate Data Processes

Collect, process, analyze, and present bandwidth data from your network with automated processes that don’t overstrain your hardware. Incognito makes use of Internet Protocol Detail Record (IPDR) and SNMP data to provide a holistic view of bandwidth usage across your network.

This data enables you to accurately pinpoint the bandwidth utilization of every cable modem on your network, as well as identify the interface, node, and service group where traffic originated. Identify possible congestion points in the interfaces, nodes, and service groups.

Visualize Key Metrics


Make it even easier to understand subscriber usage with key metrics delivered in the form of maps, reports, and spreadsheets. The solution’s powerful processing engine cross-references DOCSIS service flow events with network information, subscriber account data, and billing platforms to deliver readable, easy-to-understand information in one solution.

You can easily understand what your subscribers want to achieve from their devices with the automated collection and refinement of data-usage records. This in turn enables better network planning and investment decisions.



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