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Best Effort Is No Longer The Best You Can Do

Subscribers demand reliable and consistent quality of experience (QoE) from their network service provider. Over-the-top services such as video streaming and video telephony are driving exponential usage growth that challenges service delivery. The solution to unprecedented growth is to manage network congestion and enforce tier policies using real-time policy enforcement based on service definitions.

Intelligent Congestion Management

capacity-monitorYour subscriber experience is only as good as your peak period performance. Congestion events on the network lead to poor subscriber experiences. Manage congestion proactively and reactively based on network conditions, subscriber status, and service tier.

  • Proactive congestion management allows you to define peak period and top talker network management policies to reduce the risk of congestion before it begins to impact your subscribers
  • Reactive management allows you to detect when congestion is occurring and apply network traffic management policies selectively based on subscriber status and service plan until the congestion event passes


Policy Rule Profiling

Policy controlled services need the ability to profile against multiple sets of conditions. Service definitions can evolve beyond best effort delivery to include rules for peak periods, fair use policies, and on-demand services. Subscriber experiences can be managed with dynamic policy control to improve quality of experience and enable new service models.

  • Define quotas based on billing cycle, time of day, and service tiers
  • Profile against service definition and invoke charging or network traffic management actions

Seamless Policy Enforcement

screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-3-48-25-pmWhen network traffic management policies need to be enforced, commands need to be sent to network elements quickly and accurately. Policy Manager PCMM automates the creation and delivery of vendor specific PacketCable Multimedia (PCMM) statements to the CMTS for seamless network traffic enforcement.

  • Apply network traffic management policies to the CMTS to seamlessly enforce service policies
  • Automate vendor specific PCMM statement creation and management


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