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Enable Prepaid Broadband


Grow Addressable Markets With Prepaid Services

As traditional markets for postpaid subscription based services become saturated, continued subscriber growth will require new business models. Prepaid broadband is an emerging model for fixed network operators that allows them to affordably grow subscribers within existing network footprints. By providing customers with a choice of payment options, new market segments emerge among the unbanked, migrant workers, and long-stay vacationers.

Turnkey Solution


Prepaid broadband can be quickly launched using turnkey components for subscriber portals, service activation, and quota management. Payment gateway integration enables credit card and gift card billing options.

  • Build subscriber portals with configurable framework
  • Integrate e-commerce with payment gateways
  • Create services with application modules







Time and Usage Based Plans


Create prepaid rate cards based on time and usage to more effectively monetize network access and to provide customers with a greater variety of choice. Rate plans can be sold as stackable vouchers, ensuring subscribers never lose access while still providing flexible service offerings.

  • Protect against heavy usage with usage volume based plans
  • Reduce churn from delinquent postpaid subscribers
  • Create customer choice with a portfolio of prepaid services


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