Usage Based Billing

Usage Based Billing

Unlimited Plans are Eroding Financial and Network Performance

Explosive growth of subscriber network usage, largely driven by video services, is putting greater pressure on network infrastructure without a corresponding increase in revenue. Increasingly, users are shifting from traditional TV and home phone packages to over-the-top (OTT) services and this “cord cutting” is resulting   in significantly lower average revenue per user (ARPU) for service providers. Without a way to align costs and revenues to adapt to changing demands, network operators face the difficult choice between lower profit margins, declining customer QoE, or higher subscriber churn.


New Release - Usage Billing Best Practices White Paper

Check out our latest white paper on Usage Billing Best Practices. Learn how and why broadband service providers are evolving towards usage metered services.


Usage Based Billing Benefits

Accurately Monetize Bandwidth Usage

Sustainable network services require bandwidth usage to be incorporated into data service models to better align costs to revenues but monetizing usage requires more than just defined data buckets and overage charges. Usage billing requires accurate data collection, timely mediation, and subscriber visibility for revenue assurance and customer acceptance. Usage Based Billing allows service providers to accurately meter usage and reliably offer usage based rate plans with higher user satisfaction and improved revenue assurance.

  • Collect network usage data and mediate the verified records into billing systems
  • Statistical error correction on mediated data to ensure accuracy
  • Diversify rate plan portfolio with speed and usage plans to better tailor acquisition and retention offers to customer needs

Enable Subscriber Visibility & Control

Customer acceptance of any service billing model requires subscribers to understand their fee structure, be notified of charges, and to review details of their charges to make informed decisions. Usage Based Billing ensures that subscribers have visibility into their historic usage and are notified as they approach and exceed usage thresholds. Customer Service portals provide insights into subscriber usage for more effective support and retention interactions.

  • Enable subscriber notification and self-service portals to provide customers with visibility into their data usage
  • Enable on-demand services such as Turbo Boost to allow subscribers to control their Internet experience
  • Identify individual subscriber usage trends and determine “right fit” plans to reduce churn risks and improve customer satisfaction.

Improve Market Coverage & Sales

As network data service markets mature, differentiated market segments emerge with unique requirements for access and usage. In order to maximize market success, it is critical that data services be tailored to the needs of different users based on historic usage patterns. Usage Based Billing provides the planning insights and development capabilities required to create a diversified portfolio of acquisition and retention offers that continuously meet evolving market needs.

  • Analyze subscriber usage to identify new service tiers, upsell existing customers, and manage profitability
  • Quickly develop new data services using Application Modules that can be configured based on service policies
  • Enable self-service purchase and activation with configurable customer portals or use web APIs to integrate functionality into existing subscriber portals

Active Broadband Usage Based Billing delivers the solution you need to:

  • Monetize subscriber usage with tiered service models and on-demand services
  • Accurately meter data usage to improve revenue assurance
  • Analyze subscriber and network usage to define service tiers and market plans 
  • Engage subscribers with active notifications and self-service portals


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